The OKBET CSGO Rio Major challenger stage predictions


The Rio Major challenger stage is quickly approaching, and our picks are based on Major history, current form, and feelings at OKBET CSGO RIO.

The Rio Major is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to get extra souvenir gun skins. For properly guessing how the world’s greatest OKBET CSGO RIO teams will perform, players who have bought the pass may get free souvenir tokens and even a platinum coin. Some of the lesser-known teams compete in the challenger stage, making it tough for more casual fans to follow. Here are our predictions for the OKBET CSGO Rio Major based on current statistics and major history.

Our OKBET CSGO RIO Major challenger stage predictions


The first prediction is for which side will go 3-0. Team Vitality and Cloud9 are the most probable candidates for this category. The French-Danish squad did not do well in the RMR qualification, but Vitality is coming off an ESL Pro League Season 16 title at OKBET CSGO RIO. Cloud9 is another prominent squad with a track record of significant tournament success. Because of the team’s recent good performance and plenty of major experience, we expect Vitality will win the Rio Major 3-0.

The following teams are expected to proceed to the Rio Major legends stage, according to our predictions.

  • Cloud9
  • Unfavorable
  • News Eagles
  • GamerLegion
  • Outsiders
  • Esports
  • Imperial
  • Fnatic Esports

Bad News Eagles has progressively risen through the European ranks as a contender, and a recent triumph at Tipsport Cup Prague provides them some traction at OKBET CSGO RIO. GamerLegion is in a similar situation, having knocked off RMR staple G2 Esports in an exciting three-game series.

Outsiders is an obvious counterpart to Cloud9, yet the squad has generally performed better on LAN. FURIA is one of the most powerful teams from the Americas, and although it sometimes struggle in major international tournaments, the challenger stage should be easy pickings. Aside from roster changes, Fnatic is looking strong heading into the Rio Major at OKBET CSGO RIO with RMR victories over Eternal Fire and 1win. Imperial Esports completes our predictions for the Rio Major challenger stages. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s last dance will not finish on his home ground.

Grayhound Gaming takes the position of disgrace with a score of 0-3. In the Asia-Pacific RMR, the Australian squad struggled, losing to IHC Esports and drawing with Rare Atom. Greyhound may surprise with a victory against another underdog at OKBET CSGO RIO, but it is not what most foreign supporters anticipate from the club. 00 Nation and Evil Geniuses are two more possibilities for 0-3 Rio Major challenger predictions.

How to Get CSGO Rio Major Souvenir Gun Skins


Souvenirs are an important aspect of each major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, including the Rio Major.

Even OKBET CSGO RIO gamers who aren’t interested in the esports scene will enjoy a fair dose of stickers and souvenir skins in the game. Fans who are returning to CSGO in time for the major may be confused by Valve’s significant revamp for commemorative cases. Here’s how to obtain Rio Major souvenir cases and what you may get out of them.

To get souvenir skins for the Rio Major, OKBET CSGO RIO gamers must first acquire a $10 Rio Major access ticket using Steam or the in-game client. They may then purchase souvenir tokens for $3 apiece after buying it. When the event begins on October 31, 2022, CSGO users may exchange one token for a memento case depicting a selected Rio Major match.


OKBET CSGO RIO gamers that want the most mementos for their money may get the enhanced Rio Major pass for $18. It includes three souvenir tokens for a $1 less than the regular price. It is also possible to win extra free souvenir tokens by correctly guessing the results of the three tournament stages. Naturally, both bundles feature an upgradeable commemorative coin.

What is included inside the CSGO Rio Major memento cases?

Commemorative Rio Major skins will contain original map skins and the 2021 collection presented in Operation Riptide, based on prior souvenir boxes.

Valve has phased away the old souvenir skin collections in favor of the newer versions after Operation Riptide offered new 2021 skin sets for Train, Mirage, Dust 2, and Vertigo. This allows for the opening of souvenir variations of incredibly valuable skins such as the AK-47 | Gold Arabesque or the AWP | Desert Hydra, albeit this is quite unusual.

They will continue to drop souvenir skins from their prior collections on maps that did not get 2021 skin collections. This is true for the Ancient, Inferno, Nuke, and Overpass. While less as popular as the Riptide skins, those cases still include a variety of juicers like as the AK-47 | Panthera onca and M4A1-S | Master Piece.

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