MLBB Betting Sibol settles for silver in the IESF | Silver Medalist first loses on First Major Championships since 2019


MLBB Betting Sibol

Sibol MLBB Betting Sibol failed to complete its typical Cinderella run in the lower bracket, falling 3-0 against Indonesia in the Grand Finals of the IESF World Esports Championship on Sunday, Dec. 11 on MLBB Betting Sibol.

OKBET MLBB Betting Sibol

The nationals, who were backed by the Filipino Mobile Legends champion team Blacklist International, failed to score a single point in the series, as the Indonesians only needed two wins to win the championship due to the 1-0 lead incentive for making the grand finals through the upper bracket at the MLBB Betting Sibol.

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It was the first time the Filipinos have lost a key event in the MLBB championship since winning the Southeast Asian Games in 2019. M2 World Championship (Bren Esports), MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021 (Execration), M3 World Championship (Blacklist International), 31st Southeast Asian Games, and MSC 2022 were all won by Filipino teams (RSG Philippines).

Sibol really placed itself in a good position in the first game of the series, gaining control of the game early on, including a major Lord theft off Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap’s Benedetta. Sibol, on the other hand, couldn’t hold on to the advantage as the Indonesians used crowd control to get vital pickoffs on the Filipinos, allowing them to turn things around and win 14-7 on MLBB Betting Sibol.

On his Beatrix selection, Jabran “Branz” Wikoko was unbeatable, finishing with a perfect 8-0-6 KDA.

OKBET MLBB Betting Sibol

In Game 2 on MLBB Betting Sibol, despite being forced into the ropes, Sibol showed some fight, grabbing a 9-5 kill lead and eliminating all of Indonesia’s outer turrets. Indonesia, on the other hand, secured the 18-minute Luminous Lord by completing two enormous pickoffs on Kiel “Oheb” Soriano’s Lesley and Jonmar “OhmyV33nus” Villaluna’s Kaja. MLBB Betting Sibol despite losing three of its heroes during the siege, Edward’s heroism on the Lapu-Lapu anchored the Filipino base defense.

Sibol then marched on, securing two more Lords, but couldn’t fully capitalize as Indonesia scored a four-man wipe in a huge midlane clash to finally close out the 28-minute game with a tight 21-20 win and take home the gold medal on MLBB Betting Sibol.

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