Ladies and gentlemen OKBET MLBB Blacklist International, the Grand Finals of MPL-PH S10 have arrived, with the M3 winners returning to compete in M4 in Jakarta, Indonesia! With Echo Philippines standing in their way of a third title, how will they play to capture the trophy? Previously in the playoffs, “WISE” shut out Echo with his unique fredrinn and guinivere pick for a 3-0 sweep. Will Echo Philippines avenge their devastating setback by winning their first MPL title? or will Blacklist continue their current momentum to a perfect Playoffs run?

Game 1 | Blacklist International Win

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International

We saw another unusual choice from WISE as we opened our opening game of the series! A Valentina selection to counter Yawi’s incredible kadita and an unexpected counter for Kai as Wise have stolen the hurricane dance several times to grab objectives in all sections of the map and a critical initiator for team battles on the Blacklist side. OKBET MLBB Blacklist International executed well as they chose three purify spells to oppose Kadita and Wise even has a purify even though he has a vengeance spell since hurricane dance has a minor purify effect with the first cast of the skill. Wise delivered a flawless performance, draft, and execution. That being said, OhmyV33NUS also led her squad to triumph with those flicker + noumenon blast, flicker + charge stun, and guardian’s bulwark to initiate, defend, and rescue his comrades from perilous circumstances! V33WISE actually demonstrated why they are a member of the MPL Hall of Legends! In summation, Blacklist did not let echo rest as they took all they could with those turtles, lords, and towers, ultimately finishing the game 1-0 in favor of Blacklist!

Game 2 | Echo Win

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International

Echo has finally decoded Blacklist’s approach, since they have chosen Valir as the ultimate counter to the estes and Faramis ube strat! Valir has one of the best pokes in mobile legends because his first skill resets every time you hit an enemy. This was the case for Echo, who used Valir’s skill to prevent Hadji from clearing the lanes and made it difficult for Blacklist to group because they would be in danger from Yawi’s fireballs. This allowed the remainder of Echo’s members to freely farm and seize all of the objectives in the early game. Valir’s scorching torrent is also an effective response to Akai’s attempt to launch a teamfight. The talent will just push him back. Uranus is also an excellent choice since Blacklist International’s team lacked the burst damage needed to kill uranus because they went with a utility tank, mage, and jungler. This time around, Echo Philippines had a strong draft, with a nice rotation from the early game to the late game.

Game 3 | Blacklist International Win

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International

Echo once again dominated the OKBET MLBB Blacklist International, drafting a hyper-aggressive line up with the jawhead tank, grock exp, and akai jungle; three front line heroes to dominate the team fight and with the valentina and melissa at the back you would expect them to prioritize team fights and pick offs which they did as Oheb was unable to farm as they frozen the lane of beatrix and melissa poking him at every turn. It’s just a matter of time until they collapse owing to the gold shortage. But, after an awful early game, blacklist was able to maintain the gold lead as equal as possible and counter initiate, but the damage and sustain of echo was too powerful, forcing blacklist to remain at their base. Let us also applaud Yawi’s jawhead for his flicker +eject combination, which picked off wise and oheb, the critical sustain and damage of blacklist, respectively. Finally, they won when Sanford killed the last member of the blacklist who was guarding the base while Edward was in the rear line killing Bennyqt; the grock was allowed to freely punch the base till they won. Congratulations to Echo Philippines.

Game 4 | Echo Win

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International

The synergy of the five members of OKBET MLBB Blacklist International blossomed as they provided us as near to a flawless game as you can get. A draft with burst, sustain, crowd control, and dps. This is Blacklist International’s response to Echo’s Uranus selection, since Oheb was always able to land the final hit on Uranus. The crucial aspect in this selection is Brody, who is the ideal hero to take down Uranus and prevent him from fleeing since he is one of the few marksmen with a stun. This time, Yawi’s jawhead is useless since Blacklist was able to kite jawhead about while shocking and hurting him. Almost every time, Wise was able to get the Retribution on the Lord and turtle. This made it simpler for Blacklist to wander over the map since they now had map control thanks to obtaining the lord. Bennyqt delivered a respectable claude, but it wasn’t enough since Hadji’s faramis was able to offset his flaming duet with the cult’s altar. Echo was able to pick off a few members of Blacklist, but it was in vain because all of them had been contributing throughout the match and every single one of them is important in team fights; even if you pick one of them off, they still have the damage and sustain to continue and even win the team fight. Edward AKA “Agent 0” was able to repeat the rat technique as he segwayed into Echo’s base so many times, destroying the turrents and finally terminating the game and gaining their second series victory. With a score of 2-2, the game is now deadlocked.

Game 5 | Blacklist International Win

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International

Same narrative, same draft. OKBET MLBB Blacklist International was able to reclaim Hadji’s pharsa, as well as Wise’s pocket pick valentina and V33’s iconic hero, Lolita. With this, you can definitely see that Blacklist was able to reclaim their dominance, as they were able to clearly rotate to the lanes and jungle of Echo to acquire hero kills and build an early gold lead. Wise also took part in the team combat, and he is undoubtedly the blacklist’s heart, since he was able to capture all of the turtles in this game. Valentina was able to seize the cult’s altar once again, providing blacklist with the sustain and endurance needed to survive the onslaught of Echo members. Wise was able to rescue OhMyV33NUS on multiple times using the cult’s altar, allowing him to outlast Echo even when they had the faramis. Hadji was able to have an almost flawless game with a score of 8-1-9 thanks to the help of V33WISE. Finally, Edward with a flawless Uranus game, surviving damage for OKBET MLBB Blacklist International while inflicting damage to close the game!

Game 6 | Blacklist International Win

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International

OKBET MLBB Blacklist International, who is one victory away from being the three-time MPL-PH champion, chose another of Wise’s pocket picks: Guinevere! This is certainly a one-of-a-kind game in which no turtles or lords are captured! They turtle and lord danced for over 18 minutes as Edward and Sanford cut lanes, Oheb and Bennyqt cleared waves, and Oheb and Bennyqt farmed the jungle creeps. V33NUS scans the bushes for possible ganks on Hadji and Oheb. With all defenses up and both teams playing with extreme caution, it only took one mistake for Blacklist International to turn the tides in their favor when OhMyV33NUS’ lolita’s shield blocked all of the damage from the blazing duet and hitting a crucial 3-Man set for Blacklist International’s initiation play, finally the 4 members of Blacklist deals the damage needed to kill three members of Echo Philippines! With 40 seconds remaining on their death timer, OKBET MLBB Blacklist International elected not to grab the lord and instead continue the game where Yawi and Sanford were unable to hold the base, eventually relinquishing the trophy and ending their reign as MPL-PH S10 runner-up.

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OKBET MLBB Blacklist International
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