As part of the October 2022 incentives, OKBET Prime Gaming will give away a unique League of Legends Worlds 2022 Esports Emote. Over the next month, Amazon Prime members will be able to receive an exclusive Prime Gaming League of Legends Worlds 2022 Esports Emote.

Members may obtain the special esports emote “Very Nasus, Much Wow” during this year’s League of Legends World Championship Knockouts and Finals stages (from October 18th to November 5th 2022):


Viewers will be encouraged to acquire the special emoticon via in-broadcast placement throughout LoL Esports broadcasts and on LoLEsports.com. Esports News UK contacted a OKBET Prime Gaming representative to check what the Nasus Worlds 2022 emoticon looks like, but they told they don’t have a picture of the emote at this time.


OKBET Prime Gaming remains a worldwide sponsor for Riot Games’ esports, including Valorant, Wild Rift, and League of Legends Esports, as part of its continued relationship with Riot Games. The Nasus emote will be available in addition to the regular monthly League of Legends OKBET Prime Gaming Capsules, which provide Riot Points, Skins, Skin Shards, and other bonuses at OKBET.

Since the start of Riot Titles and Prime Gaming’s partnership in 2018, Prime Gaming claims to have given away millions of RP, Skins, Skin Shards, and other in-game goodies across numerous Riot games. By visiting gaming.amazon.com, OKBET Prime members may grab in-game stuff for Riot Games games as they become available.

OKBET Prime Gaming also said that’more exciting Prime Gaming and League of Legends Worlds-related news would be announced shortly.’

Other October 2022 Prime Gaming offers

OKBET Prime Gaming and EA Sports are partnering up again for another year of Prime Gaming Madden Ultimate Team packs for Madden NFL 23 just in time for tonight’s Dolphins vs. Bengals Thursday Night Football showdown. Prime members may now get the Prime Gaming Madden Ultimate Team set, which includes one 87 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Program Player and one Ultimate Kickoff Program Vanity Uniform with Thursday Night Football themes.

In October, Prime Gaming will offer seven titles. These are some examples:

  • The game Fallout 76
  • Warhammer II: Total War
  • Shadow of War in Middle-earth
  • Origins of the Glass Masquerade
  • Loom
  • Horace’s Heroic Hour

The following items will also be available as OKBET Prime Gaming October 2022 prizes

The following are now available:

  • OKBET Prime Gaming Octane Radioactive Bundle for Apex Legends
  • Valhalla Assassin’s Creed – High Elf Bundle
  • Crawford Imperial Code Specialist Skin Brawlhalla – Cyber Oni Bundle Dead by Daylight – 400,000 Bloodpoints Battlefield 2042
  • Bundle Deathloop – Dressed to Kill
  • Rock Out Exotic Bundle for Destiny 2
  • Pool Party Bundle for Fall Guys
  • Prime Gaming Pack for FIFA 22

Weekly Grand Theft Auto Online – $125,000 Grand Theft Auto Online cash 9/27 – 11/3

Gwent – Ultimate Collection
Prime Gaming – League of Legends Capsule
4 Battle Item Chest Pack for Lost Ark
Ultimate Team Pack for Madden NFL 23
Paladins – Defragged Inara Skin Minecraft Dungeons – Flames of the Nether DLC
Prime Gaming Bundle for Pokémon Go
Premium Supply Pack for PUBG: Battlegrounds
Warrior Skin – Black Amethyst Realm Royale
Roblox – Doggy Backpack avatar item, three exclusive Roblox bonuses for Mining Simulator 2: 10,000 Gems as well as the rare Ultra Core pet with improved stats and Pristine skin
Flightpath Dahlia Skin by Rogue Company
Monstercat Crab Rave Bundle for SMITE
Swinging Balls Bundle by Two Point Hospital
Wild Rift – Emote Chest at Random

World of Tanks – Rewards for Instant, Selective, and Battle Missions

Others will be available on the dates listed below:

Last Day to Claim Assassin’s Creed Origins, Football Manager 2022, The Dig, Defend the Rook, and We on October 3rd. The Revolution, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Castle on the Coast, and Word of the Law: Death Mask are among the titles available. Collector’s Version
Fallout 76, Total War: Warhammer II, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Glass Masquerade: Origins, Loom, Hero’s Hour, and Horace
Legends of Runeterra – Rare Prismatic Chest + 3 Rare Wildcards, October 4
October 4: Torranca Coat, “Applause” Emote, Calhoun Boots, and 5 Gold Bars in Red Dead Online
Two Point Hospital – Tombola Bundle, October 4
Pokémon Go – OKBET Prime Gaming Bundle – October 6th
Wild Rift – Random Recall Chest – October 6
Valorant – Ready to Roll buddy, October 14
October 18: Trampoline Bundle at Two Point Hospital
Wild Rift – Random Bauble Chest – October 20

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