Valorant Hosting in PH | Is it possible for the amazing game on PH to host the VCT International League in the Future 2022

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Valorant hosting

OKBET Valorant hosting

The Valorant hosting and VCT International League, which will include the greatest teams from the Asia-Pacific area, will be contested in Korea next year. So far, Filipinos have participated in two of the league’s partnering leagues. Is Riot Games willing to allow the Philippines host the VCT tournament as the league expands?

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“We’re always available. APAC (Asia-Pacific) is one of the most rapidly increasing areas. Even if you’re playing with your phone, you’re considered a gamer here. Definitely, I believe I indicated earlier that it might be any other APAC nation. It may be in Japan or someplace else. Riot Philippines’ national manager Joel Guzman told reporters in a roundtable session last October 29 that “we are absolutely contemplating it [in the Philippines].”

Rex Regum Quon and Team Secret have Pinoys on their rosters for the competition, which will begin in March in Seoul, South Korea.

Riot Games recently collaborated with the Electronic Sports and Gaming Festival (ESGS) at the SMX Convention Center, marking the company’s first public convention debut in the nation. Guzman estimated that Riot Games’ interactive exhibit at the three-day event attracted roughly 2,000 registrations on the first day alone.

OKBET Valorant hosting

“We want to please fans and give others who haven’t experienced our games a chance to discover what Valorant hosting is all about,” Guzman added. Riot is now looking for employees for their Philippine branch. The worldwide gaming brand is now focusing on “hyperlocal events.”

“We want to emphasize more hyperlocal experiences the Valorant hosting.” Maybe we’ll have something next year. We’ll most likely collaborate with someone or do it alone. However, for us, hyperlocal is the way to go.”

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